Water Testing

Total Coliform Bacteria
A Total Coliform bacterial test is recommended every year for homeowners with private wells. Coliform bacteria are a large group of soil and intestinal bacteria that indicate potential well contamination and may cause health problems.

Inorganic Chemical Test
This test is recommended every five years. Testing for arsenic, chloride, copper, fluoride, hardness, iron, lead, manganese, nitrate, sodium and uranium. These chemicals can cause health issues and are compared to maximum levels. These inorganic chemicals can create nuisance problems, or in some cases, health symptoms. When you receive test results they will be compared with maximum levels.

Gross Alpha Test
This test is recommended every five years. It is a screening test for mineral radioactivity in water, for example, uranium and radium. While water usually has some radioactivity, the gross alpha test will help determine if the levels are high enough to warrant additional testing due to potential health concerns.